a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

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Re: a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

WryCuda wrote:

Sandy70 wrote:

I would love to take out of the box photographs. I was considering buying a DSLR.

I read some articles on opinions page on this web site. Some senior photographers mentioned that compact cameras Image quality is as good as those of a DSLR, especially in an era where most digital photos will land up being seen on web pages.

Would it mean concentrating on camera more than the holiday?

A decent DSLR gives you flexibility. Short zooms for holidays; Long zooms for chasing birds; Prime lenses for special stuff. -Also plenty of controls to get the picture you want.

This applies to almost any camera with changeable lenses. The "SLR" part defines only the type of viewfinder.

I think changeable lenses are the main thing the OP needs for experimenting . So long as you can change lenses and have some kind of viewfinder (even if it's just a ground glass or an LCD) that shows you what the lens is seeing, you can experiment with optics and lighting. And if you are truly original, you might take some interesting photos, as Moholy-Nagy did, for example.

Non-DSLR covers a multitude of compromises. Chief among them is an unsatisfactory viewfinder. Many of the better "mirrorless" cameras are darn near as bulky as DSLRs. At the cheap end, $50 cameras are usable in good conditions. There is a $3000 compact from Sony that isn't too bad.

Some of us enjoy the process of getting the gear ready for a holiday. I take a camera bag with a small DSLR and a couple of lenses; doesn't cause a problem.

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