Is this the best I can expect from D800?

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Re: Pixel density and sharpness

Cliff Fujii wrote:

Because of the high megapixel rating, getting sharp images is challenging on the D800. Nikon recommends only certain lenses should be used with the D800. I noticed that with my D800, as long as I use one of the recommended lenses, I get images with great apparent sharpness

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I still have a problem understanding this assertion that many seem to hold, obviously fed by Nikon's 'recommendation'.  I have a friend with a D7100, the sharpness he gets with the little 18-140 (or 18-105 not sure which) variable aperture lens is excellent, I do not mean comparing to a top notch lens etc in terms of rendition etc, but the images are sharp, and properly focused.

As you know, that has greater pixel density than the D800.

I do not have a D800, but checking pixel peeper for that camera with a humble lens, say the 70-300VR, there is no issue with sharpness and focus on subject.

The thing is, it belies logic that being able to get a sharp image with a lens on a camera, suddenly becomes impossible because one steps up pixel density.

Either the image is sharp, or not. The more pixels on the subject will merely mean that the details will be more and yes, if focus errors exist or camera shake, that may be a bit more obvious.

But the main point being, one can get sharp images if the lens is at least decent. The D800 or D7100 does not automatically make it impossible to get sharp images.

The examples above at pixel peeper should be enough to demonstrate and with a suitable search I expect many more are available on flickr, of the D800 with 'average lenses.


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Wishing You Good Light.

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