Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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Re: On image quality in general

Jared Huntr wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

Jared Huntr wrote:


As for image quality, the disappointment with the V2's larger megapixel count was that if you up-sampled a 10Mp V1 image to the same size, there was no difference in the amount of actual details captured.So the V2 was basically an exercise in storing larger files on your hard drive with no benefit in improved IQ.

That's not what I found. It wasn't a profound difference, but the V2 did produce more detail. Not with the kit lens, but with the better lenses, good shooting technique, and avoiding smaller apertures that lost detail due to diffraction, it wasn't hard to get more detail from the V2.

It would be interesting to see your comparisons assuming they were done under reasonably controlled conditions. I was not impressed with the examples shown here when the V2 was first released.

I'd have to re-shoot comparison photos, but the ones you posted (v1 upsized vs v2), comparing the first set actually showed a bit more detail in the V1 photo. That may be due to exposure or lighting differences. The way this thread is growing, it'll probably reach its limit long before I'll be able to shoot any more comparisons.

The V1 and V2 photos were shot on different days if the EXR dates are accurate but they probably aren't since the V1's time shows 00:24:37 which is shortly after midnight and the V2's time is 10:57:17. Even so, I don't see how these photos could possibly be used to evaluate resolution. The first one is a 2mp combined photo so it contains two 1mp images. To easily see resolution differences (if they exist) it would be much better to post two 100% crops. I'm not even sure that upsizing the V1 image to normalize the screen sizes would be ideal because that could produce false detail artifacts that might make it seem that the V1 image shows more detail than it actually contains.

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