Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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What I think so far...

Seems like this camera has many things to like, and a few things that you wonder how Nikon can go through all the trouble of making something very technologically advanced, supposedly for enthusiasts photographer and miss a couple of things.

But so far not bad.  Image quality seems to be about reasonable for what I want to do, but I would definitively need to get the F1.8 and F1.2 lenses.  This camera screams "give me a better lens than the kit lens."

I am looking at this camera as a "Super Q7" to get better low light performance through sensor and lens. The Q7 only goes to F1.9 and it's at about 39mm equivalent. I like a bit longer so going to F1.2 sounds good.

I think this camera may give me about a stop on sensor over Q7, and then stop and a half with lenses = 2.5 stops.  Doesn't sound too bad.

It still does not compare to my Ricoh GR in responsiveness and usability, and this is sort of what I am wrestling a bit right now.  The Ricoh GR is really that perfect for street life- but I wish it was a bit longer and just a bit faster (lens).

I have a slight concern on focus acquisition at night, but i have to realize I am shooting with a lens that is going about 4.2-5.6 in Fstop on average for me which is pretty dark. I can only imagine with an F1.2 this camera should still be able to focus fairly decent at night.

I am trying to think what exactly is it that hasn't "won" me yet.. as it is just a feeling, and see if I can negotiate that.  If I can I keep and I will start selling a lot of what I have.

If I can't, then I will return it.

I still think this camera is about $200-$300 USD over priced and I realize I hardly getting a "good deal" in terms of a reasonable price.

Biggest advantages over the Ricoh GR for street life are the articulated LCD and perhaps the occasional use of the EVF in hard sunlight.

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