Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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Re: Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

yomasa wrote:

Is it a keeper?

That depends on you. I am new to the Nikon 1 system so I at this point here's what I would say (but again, I am not done with my assessment):

- If you like the Nikon 1 System and you have a V1 Or J Series, and you won't miss the built in view finder of the V1, it may be worth it.

- If you have a V2 and you love your V2, in particular you don't care for a smaller size option or you really like that EVF being built in and not attached- KEEP your V2.

Remember, these are tools- my needs are not your needs.  In my case I am looking for street life, in particular that it is good enough for night street life as it is one of the things I like doing a lot.

I wish I had the F1.8 prime to do my evaluation but only have the kit lens so will have to make do with that and extrapolate the rest.

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