Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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Re: On image quality in general

Jared Huntr wrote:


As for image quality, the disappointment with the V2's larger megapixel count was that if you up-sampled a 10Mp V1 image to the same size, there was no difference in the amount of actual details captured.So the V2 was basically an exercise in storing larger files on your hard drive with no benefit in improved IQ.

That's not what I found. It wasn't a profound difference, but the V2 did produce more detail. Not with the kit lens, but with the better lenses, good shooting technique, and avoiding smaller apertures that lost detail due to diffraction, it wasn't hard to get more detail from the V2.


Do you get the impression that the details in the V3's 18Mp is equally substandard in that maybe it is actually capturing the details you would expect from a good 12Mp or so camera? e.g. a much larger file size with little incremental benefit in actual detail capture or dynamic range?

Coaching the witness?

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