Do you think Canon will take on the A7?

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Re: This is how it's gotta go down...

Great Bustard wrote:

jimzenglish wrote:

Ok this is probably complete conjecture but do you think or would you welcome Canon doing a competitor to the A7 and coming out with a mirrorless full frame body to use with it's existing lenses?
It just seems like a natural progression for Canon, Sony is coming out with some great new concepts like the A7 but it's lenses are either not up to the job or extremely expensive. And alot of photographers like myself want to stay in the Canon ecosystem because of existing glass and brand preference etc.

I have a EOS M which is ok but I still would prefer a full frame version of it, just think you slap a 1.4 or 1.8 50mm on and you've got a awesome compact full frame camera to use for street shooting etc. I think Canon would do really well with it and alot of existing Canon users with 7Ds, 5Ds etc would get the body as an addition for when size was an issue for travelling etc.
Just welcome any feedback on that.

...if Canon is to be successful in the mirrorless FF market.

  1. Either buy a sensor from Sony or make one at least as good.
  2. AF and CAF must be outstanding.
  3. EVF must be outstanding.
  4. Must debut with the following high quality lenses: 24 / 2 IS, 35 / 2 IS, 50 / 1.8 IS, and 85 / 1.8 IS.

The first four, I hope, are self-explanatory. Let me go into more detail on the last point. Why do people want mirrorless over a DSLR? Size. Why FF over smaller formats? In no particular order: noise, resolution, and shallow DOF. Thus the need to debut the system with a "full" suite of fast, small, high quality primes.

If the lenses come out piecemeal, then people will be hesitant to jump into the system. It might be a good idea to also have a standard zoom with the debut, say a 24-85 / 2.8-4 IS to complement the primes.

Anyway, were I the CEO of Canon, that's what I'd be making right now. It's what I'd have already made. Time will tell if I should be fired or not.

I totally agree.  That's why I went to Fuji for mirrorless.  It has everything you asked for down to those really great and reasonably priced primes.  Well it's aps-c but that's just fine with me.  I can think of no reasone that a ff is needed using your criteria.  At least not strong enough reason to trade for the nice size.

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