Is the Panasonic 14-45 the best "kit" zoom?

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Re: Breakages.

jalywol wrote:

superstar905 wrote:

captura wrote:

Some of them were breaking in half, early on. Have they fixed that?

It seems that only two idiots dropped their lenses and they broke, other idiots who managed to drop their lenses didn't break.

If you don't drop it then there's no chance of breaking.

Regards... Guy

not true. a simple google search will show many instances, with some who had it break in its camera bag!!!

After the first three or four people were done hopping up and down about the problem (and at least half of them had dropped the lens...) There don't seem to be any recent failures....

Not a problem, actually, or you would have continued to hear about it...

Also, Roger Cicala of Lens Rentals did a thorough analysis of the lens, and they had had no breakage problems, either.....and they certainly should see a problem if there was one.

Nothing like a little FUD from a couple of users who posted on every single photo bulletin board they could find about it...and then watched as it went viral.

Sometimes the Internet is a pain in the rear end.


Naaah, it was probably due to some defective QC in the factory because these were early examples from the production cycle. Wise buyers will wait at least a few months before buying a new product; be it a camera or a lens.

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