Protective filter… or not? I say beware of filter quality.

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Re: Protective filter… or not? I say beware of filter quality.

JohnFrim wrote:

I know this debate has gone on forever and will not likely end any time soon. My intent here is not to rekindle such discussion, but rather to show that a cheap filter may not be a good idea.

What you seem to be saying is if you don't choose your filters wisely, with the same level of optical quality as the lens and then neglect dirty surfaces on them you may not get as good images as you would with high quality filters that match the quality of the lens and are kept clean. (and ideally with a quality matching hood) that your poor choices can decrease the quality of your images.  Yes, I agree, you should choose your gear more carefully for quality and not for price or other such reasons.  And then you should maintain the gear.  That's the lesson that was right in front of you.

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