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Some minor corrections...

Bob Sal wrote:

prodesma wrote:

Bob Sal wrote:

Heliopan stopped making Kaeseman polarizers years ago. They currently make their standard Cir and Lin pols either with or without their SH-PMC coating in either standard or slim mount and their new High Transmission Cir and Lin pols in SH-PMC coating in either standard or slim mounts. These filters only lose 1 stop of light rather then up to 1 ⅔ rds stop of light.

Currently there may be a new Kaeseman or two still available in some sizes but they would be extremely limited quantities and choice of size. It is also important to note that Heliopan never offered their SH-PMC coating with their Kaeseman filters.

Great info, thanks... I had no idea. Still, some might come available on that big auction website... If the Heliopan Kaeseman's didn't have their SH-PMC, I don't know what they had... But the coating was very good IMHO.

I respect others may have different opinions or experiences. I just tried to detail some of my own. This way people have more info/reference to judge for oneself. I've heard so many good things about Marumi CPL's. And there's a gazillion cheap off-brands. And mid-priced brands like Sigma or Bower too. I've always assumed Polaroid just 'badges' (re-brands) some other mfr's CPL's, so I wouldn't consider buying theirs. But I don't have any evidence of this.

I just love how CPL's can immediately improve any type of lens in various shooting conditions- from a kit lens to a $1500 lens. I appreciate you helping me to learn more about Heliopan's, thanks Bob.


Actually the Heliopan Kaeseman polarizers were uncoated. Since the foil(s) had to be sealed between the glasses and the glasses were edge sealed the foils could not take the heat that was used in the coating process

Sorry, Bob, but that simply isn't true.

Coating is done on square glass sheets before they are cut round, let alone laminated with the "foils".

then and would not have remained optically flat,

It's a cold process, far below the strain point of the glass, and cannot affect flatness.

So they were not coated.

And yet your competition at B+W manages to make coated Kaesemann polarizers.

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