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Who the Fuji?

Les Lammers wrote:

Who the Fuji is Thom?

He's the guy that has written the definitive guides to Fuji's S2Pro and S5Pro DSLRs, and has written what are arguably the best, most complete and technically accurate reviews of the S2 Pro, S3 Pro and S5 Pro. Here's a comment from Michael Reichmann's own S3 Pro review, written 10 years ago :

Update #2:

February, 2005

Thom Hogan, in my opinion the finest Nikon reviewer out there, his published his review of the Fuji S3 Pro. I was very eager to read Thom's impressions, because we had some correspondence when my mini-review appeared, and Thom had expressed concern that my DR methodology and results were suspect.

Well, Thom was right. My methodology for testing DR was nowhere near as rigorous as his. But, in the end, it seems to me that we came to much the same conclusions. The S3 Pro produces a slight increase in dynamic range (though you have to work for it). We also agree on the slowness of the camera, and on that fact that the resolution is very high. We disagree on the colour accuracy (I rated it much higher than Thom did), but then this could simply be a sample variation.

If you're interested in the Fuji S3 Pro, either as a potential purchaser, or simply to know what's going on in the current world of DSLRs, you can't do better than Thom's S3 Pro review.

Thom specialized in writing about Nikon's cameras and lenses but also covered Fuji's DSLRs since they used Nikon lenses. Last year Thom redesigned his website, splitting it into 4 specialized websites, covering DSLRs, Mirrorless cameras, Film camera, and another for gear, gadgets and compact cameras.

Here are links to his Fuji guides, reviews and stuff, if you want to know more about who the Fuji he is.

Fujifilm Pro S2 Review
Fujifilm Pro S3 Review
Fujifilm Pro S5 Review
Fujifilm X100 Review

Complete Guide to the Fuji FinePix Pro S2

Complete Guide to the Fujifilm S5 Pro

What I Want in a Fujifilm S3 Pro Versus What We Got

Nikon D100 vs Fujifilm S2 Pro

Fujifilm S1 Flash Use

Thom Hogan has written on a wide variety of topics and in a wide range of styles. Here's a sampling of what's available on the Web.

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