Would you find a "locked" metering mode feature useful?

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Re: Would you find a "locked" metering mode feature useful?

cm71td wrote:

Basically you would set the exposure manually, then flip the metering mode switch to "locked". The camera would lock the meter at that exposure value. You could then shoot in aperture or shutter priority mode and the camera would behave as if meter always read the exposure value that you locked in.

Now in aperture priority mode, if you open the aperture 3 stops, and the camera would automatically increase the shutter speed by 3 stops to keep the same EV that you locked in.

Shoot as many pictures as you like, then switch to a different meter mode when you are done.


You're shooting an event where the lighting isn't changing. You want all the pictures at the same exposure, but you are changing the aperture often. In manual mode, you have to take the time to also change the shutter speed or ISO, which may cause you to miss a shot.

As long as the lighting isn't changing, just set the camera in aperture priority mode.  Any time you alter the aperture the shutter speed will (automatically) undergo a reciprocal change and your exposure remains the same.

You're shooting a theater event in manual mode. You have to set the shutter (and ISO) high enough to freeze the action when there's dancing. It would be nice to be able to lower the shutter speed when people aren't moving quickly, and have the camera automatically lower the ISO for better IQ while keeping the same EV.

Again, as long as the lighting remains constant, set the camera to manual exposure and select auto-ISO with proper parameter.  Select your aperture & shutter speed.  When you change either, the ISO will change to produce equivalent exposure.

Alternatively you could use "Flexible Program Mode".  Look it up in your manual.

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