NEX 7 vs A6000

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Re: NEX 7 vs A6000

MFiftysomething wrote:

I never had the 7 but sold my Nex6 and had A6000 a few weeks now.

Build feels slightly better than 6 but it is very light camera, maybe too light for some people who associate weight with build quality. Nex 6 didn't break, I am not expecting A6000 to.

Focus is fast and tracking is very good, a lot depends upon the lens capability though. The "worlds fastest" claim I believe relates only to it with the kit 16-50mm lens.

The Nex 6 was not a slow camera though.

Main improvements I see are, focussing, better menus and battery life.

Who knows if there will be a further A7000 camera? It is not obvious. I think there is just room price wise below the A7 but to have any extra features over the A6000 it might tread on the A7 toes a bit. I would rather see some new APSC lenses. We don't all want FF.

50some, I have 2 responses to you good post.  1. Regarding weight, I've enjoyed my N7's firm weighty feel, but just recently realized how that contributes to the stability of using my Z24/1.8 without OSS.  2. I admire Sony's marketing dept. in their pricing the new a6k, very competitive and attractive for lookers considering all its features.  I think Sony will finally grab some volume $$$.  But to my N7 replacement point, I think it would benefit Sony to follow the same low ball strategy for the A8000. Sure it won't go at the a6k's price, but it should not soar far above it.  the A8000 must, it seems to me, be priced attractively and such that there is a dollar separation from its now premiere full frame Alpha line.  Does this make any sense?

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