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Re: d700 + lens

First congratulations on your new baby - I have recently become a "grand-uncle"  and have had the fun of taking photos of our new family addition using my 4+ yr old D700 and a newly acquired Nikkor 85/1.4 G mostly.

The D700 is just an awesome low light/high ISO camera and coupled with a decent lens, you will not be disappointed - personally, I love the 12MP file size.

If I were you with your budget, I get the D700 and a couple of good primes starting with a 85/1.8 Nikkor (about $600 new) and a 35mm for family shots - there are many to pick from. I think the zooms sacrifice too much light for questionable zoom benefits. When he/she gets into sports you can look to the 70-200 VR etc!

Good luck to you - you're off to a great adventure.

My grand-nephew Ethan (D700, ISO 1600, 85/1.4G @ f/2 for DOF):

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