NEX 7 vs A6000

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Re: NEX 7 vs A6000

MikeManno wrote:

mike geier wrote:

I am willing to bet anything we will see a NEX 7 replacement very soon, no matter what the rumors say...

Definitely coming. The A6000 is not the top of the line APSC camera especially considering the price. The NEX 7 replacement will have mic input and a headphone jack. There is a reason those features are missing from the A6000. But if they announce this flagship model right away people will hold off buying the A6000. The same way I bought a A7R for video while I really wanted the A7s and maybe ending up buying both

For my $$$, I'd like to see the upcoming? N7R to have 2 models. Ok, I know that won't happen, but hear me out.  Model #1 will be le Gran Turisimo N7 Plus with your mic input, headphone jack, convertible top, and all the extras;  Model #2 will be the ready to race version with lightning fast AF, sensors delivering exquisite colors, an enhanced EVF, and just the rest of the N7 features without the darned hump.

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