Sony a7 very strange issue...

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Re: Sony a7 very strange issue...

I can't see how a focal plane shutter with vertically-traveling curtains could produce a dark vertical band.

I think this effect is due to a light leak. The whole image has a strange low-contrast look, because (IMO) it is fogged by the leak, except where the leak is masked or shaded out. Now consider where the band is least evident, and the shadow moves farther out into the image: in the upper left. Since a photo image is reversed up to down and left to right, the upper left in the final image corresponds to the lower right on the sensor, from the viewpoint of the photographer behind the camera, or the lower left when you look in the front of the camera.

Now: what is in the lower left front part of the lens mount? The Sony lens release button, which Roger Cicala found to be the worst area of light leakage. And where is the lens button, but near the lower left corner of the sensor, as seen from the front. So light entering there would be less masked by the black (plastic?) frame around the sensor, and the area fogged and lightened by the leakage would extend into the corner although there is a pale diagonal shadow farther out.

If the source of the light is mostly the sky, then I would expect the leak to be minimized in vertical compositions if the lens release button is pointed down when the OP takes pictures, or if the button is otherwise less exposed to a directional light source.

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