Hand strap real????

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Re: Hand strap real????

Photofunster wrote:

All though the Nikon Wrist Strap is of decent quality, and does look good on my D800, it was actually a slight hassle to use, when you have to continually remove it from the tripod mount, every time you want to use a tripod, leaving it hanging from the camera strap bracket up top, because the plate on the wrist strap is not Arca-Swiss compatible, so you either must remove it, or have two plates on your tripod, which just wasn't worth the bother for me.

I have the Nikon hand strap on both my D4 and D700 bodies. They are too expensive but are excellent quality and work perfectly for my style of shooting. I have a Really Right Stuff L bracket on the D4 and a RRS bottom plate on the D700. Both RRS plates have an attachment slot for a handstrap, so you just remove the tripod-socket plate that comes with the hand strap and attach the strap to the RRS plate or L bracket. Very sweet and tripod/ handstrap incompatibility problem eliminated. (Also for anybody about to do this, you don't have to cut off the finished tab-end of the handstrap to attach it. Feed the other end of the nylon web strap thru the plate slot to attach it. It works perfectly.)

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