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regional/cultural diffrences

KingSpence wrote:

I was hesitant to send in my D600 and lenses due to all the horror stories I've heard about extra charges and very long repair times. I live 15 minutes from the Los Angeles Nikon center and I took my D600 in last Friday. I wasn't expecting to get it back within a month. That next Monday I figured I'd also bring in a few lenses for auto focus checkup and cleaning since I wouldn't have my camera for a while. I never mentioned anything about needing my gear back in a rush.

Needless to say, all of my gear was ready by that next Thursday! Nikon replaced my shutter, cleaned the low pass filter and a ton of other stuff on my D600 within 5 business days. Similarly I got my lenses back with replaced front elements, zoom rings, and autofocus improvements. I was pretty shocked at how fast it was all repaired. I didn't have a single issue with these guys. Super easy to talk to and friendly. Maybe Nikon repair was worse in the past but I've had a near perfect experience with these guys in Los Angeles.

Has anyone had similar experiences? This can't be a one off thing.

Thats' quick!

I have good experiences with Nikon Service centers in both Japan and The Netherlands.
Personally I feel that (NPS) service is the best in Japan, the service level is very high, but that is also cultural related. It's for me a reason to always bring all my Nikon stuff once a year to the service center in Osaka and let it check/cleaned/replace focus/zoom rings etc.

I felt that the level of service was absolutely not good in the past (Netherlands), but times changed. However one thing is for sure, the way how for example repair and maintenance work is performed and the level of service in Nikon service centers is not standardized.


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