The reason why the Nikon series 1 works well despite all the blah blah blah....

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Re: The reason why the Nikon series 1 works well despite all the blah blah blah....

70-200/2.8 is 2,7x smaller on N1 than on D4? You mean it shrinks in size when you mount in on a N1? Now that would be something.

And again, why D4? Seriously, what does the size of D4 w/ 70-200/2.8 have ANYTHING to do with small cameras like N1? Why does this get repeated so often? Why do people need this kind of justification?

I bought N1 because it's small and I chose V1 because it has an EVF. That's it. Size is the only reason N1 has any right to exist. If these cameras would be as large as DSLRs, they'd lose any reason to exist. Of course nobody would buy CX sensor in D4 body. Except the fanboys who will defend anything Nikon makes.

For completeness, I also have a Nikon F system and I don't give a flying frak about N1's compatibility with F. First, it's half-assed, second, the FT-1 is expensive like hell, third, I don't want to mount this rocket launcher on a small camera.

Everyone who keeps repeating this hogwash about D4 and 70-200/2.8 is doing the system a disservice. The point of these cameras is to be small. If you want to mount gigantic lenses on it to take photos of the solar system, that's your choise, but how many of <1 million N1 users actually use it that way?

No, the ONLY reason why "the Nikon series 1 works well despite all the blah blah blah...." is because they are small cameras.

BTW I check out the Pentax forum sometimes and I haven't seen any post propagating the Q for turning 200mm lenses into 1100mm.

Actually, on the Q forum, and at PentaxForums, there are numerous examples of the value of the 5.5x crop the original Q provided with compact and sharp lenses.

The Q will meter that any lens since it has a "shoot without lens option.

The Q had easy magnification tot manual focus.

After a firmware update, it supports focus peaking.

A 100mm lens becomes a 550mm equivalent.

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