NEX 7 vs A6000

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Re: NEX 7 vs A6000

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

DtEW wrote:

tkpatric wrote:

Sony is not stupid. They wait until everybody has purchased an aA6000 before launching the real successor of the a7.

Considering that they launched the A7 only a few months ago, I'd say this is a safe bet.

Sony makes camera's faster than light!

And here in E-mount forum, and over in A-mount forum, folks are complaining that Sony isn't launching 7-series replacements at light speed that they so desire. OTOH, Nikon and Canon and m43 are following the trick quite well.

Who is slow as a snail again?

I don't expect a7 replacement until about sometime next year. Upper tier bodies aren't replaced as frequently as low end bodies. Anybody defying this?

IMO, Sony actually needs to slow down in introducing refreshes and obsolescing their upper-tier bodies if they want to be taken seriously by prosumers and professionals.

That said, the problem is that MILC technological progress is still in the Moore's Law-ish part of the curve, and every year (or faster!) a new development is made that raises the bar, and sets everyone else off chasing. The A6000/X-T1/E-M1 (not going to include the Nikon 1 since I don't consider it very serious; you can differ and pout) recently did that for AF capabilities, which is obviously important for mainstream, general-purpose cameras.

I can imagine neither the A7R nor A7S will be severely threatened for awhile since they have their own niches. However, I think the A7 is directly threatened by the Fuji XT-1 (despite differing sensor sizes, I think they appeal to the same type of shooter; the E-M1 does compete somewhat with the X-T1, but transitive relation does not apply and I don't think people will seriously compare the E-M1 and the A7). The A7 can be that much more competitive with an A6000-style OSPDAF system, and Sony knows this.

The question is then, will Sony respond sooner... or later?

I don't think this is as easy a question to answer we made it seem in the outset.

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