Is the Panasonic 14-45 the best "kit" zoom?

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Re: Well, it depends....

jalywol wrote:

fevan wrote:

I'm getting the EM10 body only and a couple of good primes.

But i will want a small zoom occasionally.

Is the consensus that the Pany 14-45 is the best optically?

I had a 14-45mm. I rarely used it as I disliked its color signature rather a lot. Yes, it was a sharp lens, but I just did not care for its output.

I have both the Oly 12-40mm and the Panasonic 12-32mm (from the GM1) now, and like both of them. The 12-40mm is in a different league than the 12-32mm, but I really like many, many things about the 12-32mm. It has very good color rendition, very good center sharpness, and overall produces quite nice images. If you plan to take shots wide open at 12mm, and you need very sharp corners with little barrel distortion, then you would be better off with either the 12-40mm, 12-35mm, or the 12mm Oly prime. However, if absolute outer edge sharpness is not your main goal, the 12-32mm is quite a nice little lens (I prefer it to all of the other kit zooms, from both Oly and Panasonic, that I have tried so far).

YMMV, as always....


The observation about the colour balance of the 14-45 is interesting. I recently compared my new 12-32 to the 14-45 on the same camera, and could not tell any difference regarding colour balance. What are the things you noticed?

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