A7r with Canon 24-105L examples

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Re: A7r with Canon 24-105L examples

if the adapter was off, we'd be seeing that same corner softness at other focal lengths as well... both on the same zoom, and on other lenses that were put on the adapter.

the 24mm focal length pic looked pretty even across the frame?

like henry blue skies says, you can rotate the camera 180 degrees, which tells you if it's a focus issue... what i did the other day was to rotate the lens itself, leaving the adapter locked to the camera body.

if the bad area changes as the lens is rotated, it's probably a lens issue... i had the lens rotated so far that it was almost ready to fall off of the adapter, and sure enough, the bad area rotated with the lens.

there are electrical connections on some adapters, so it might be best to get a cheapo non-electrical eos adapter to experiment with.

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