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Re: Micro SD now outsells SD

dougjgreen1 wrote:

Sonyshine wrote:

I was moaning about the Micro SD cards in my local camera store today - the owner said that Micro SD cards now outsell standard SD cards - mainly due to mobile use.

He said he can see all cameras switching to micro SD soon - surprised me but if thats the way the winds blowing....

Only because every smartphone on earth uses it, and most tablets do as well. And that's an anomalous comparison, because nobody is frequently removing and replacing the memory cards from their phones and tablets, the way they do with their cameras. So the ease of losing the tiny Micro SD card is basically a non-issue with Smart Phones, and a minor issue with tablets, but a MAJOR issue with cameras. It's very short-sighted of the camera makers to mindlessly follow the smart-phone trend on this particular issue, because there is a real difference in how the memory cards get used in the respective platforms. And MicroSD cards are just too small for any app where the card will frequently be put in and taken out of the device and carried separately outside of the device. Just too easy to misplace.

I recall the move from CF to SD (I still have an IBM microdrive -- CF-sized and interface spinning 1GB hard drive -- I have it but I don't have anything that can use it anymore). Similar concerns then as now, and we all got used to seemingly giant SD form factor.

I expect that SD cards will go the same way as CF, driven by a lot of forces. I have been using micro SD for a while now with adapters, and it's not been too bad. Perhaps if there's a silver lining, it's that camera manufacturers will be able to make good use out of the freed-up real estate in their designs, perhaps to add new or better features . . . (nah).

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