New XE-1 owner with questions

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New XE-1 owner with questions

Partly thanks to the forum members here, I've been a new owner of the X-E1 for a few days now.

This is my first IL camera with a larger sensor. Here are my first impressions.

Heavy, especialy the lens; but exected of mostly metal parts.

Significant improvements in AF, IS, and some in camera features after the patch was up to date. But the AF is still kind of bad in low light, and some other times too.

Is it possble to turn off the half/third stop options on the iso/appe/shu? I'm getting used to it, as not always a full stop is needed to get a balanced exposure, but would like to know if I can change it.

I'm so slow changing the right setting! I know I'm not expected to learn everything that quick, but I'm worried that if i want to take pictures of people they will get bored and their expressions will start to change too much. ^.^

One thing I noticed, just now, is that the Fuji primes have no IS. I always considered this technology, a major advance that allowed one to shoot with much more ease. I was considering getting a 35mm, for its 1.4 and maybe a pancake, but I'm concerned that I won't be able to use them in now light without a tripod. On the other hand, I don't think I've seen anyone complain about this so am I missing something?

There is blurriness and data loss around the xe logo and chrome strap attachment next to it. Anyone has any idea what caused this? movement?

I think the second shot needs some more pronounced blacks. I would probably fill the frame with more of that bark texture too.

Selfie ISO 200, f4, 55mm, 1/20

No springISO 200, f4, 55mm, 1/500

Fujifilm X-E1
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