Sony a7 very strange issue...

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Re: If it is a light leak...

ProfHankD wrote:

True, but white+image = light fog.

The leak would be spraying over most of the frame in this case, leaving only the left edge unfogged.

Do the lenscap test to confirm.

PS: I fully agree with Mel that light leaks are incredibly rare -- I've never seen one. However, I can certainly imagine that a few folks get defective adapters with a missing or shiny baffle or somesuch. For example, any adapter with an open/close ring has an obvious potential light leak path....

In this case, the metal had been milled away to give space for the catch, and the milling extended right through to the inside of the adapter, giving a small hole through which a little light can pass. Easily fixed once you know.

A test with the lens cap on should be carried out in strong sunlight.

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