Sony a7 very strange issue...

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Re: Sony a7 very strange issue...

Mel Snyder wrote:

D Cox wrote:

I don't think it's a dark bar. I think it is some kind of flare that covers all of the image except the extreme left.

Does it vary according to what direction the camera is pointed ?

Look at the release catch on your lens adapter to see if light is leaking in there. If so, stick a bit of black paper on the inside of the adapter to block the leak.

Light leaks are white, not black. Black is absence of light

The OP's example is not a dark bar -- it is a light leak covering most of the image. The "dark bar" is the unaffected part.

The same applies to my example, shot on a NEX-5N with a Nikon PB-4 bellows. The light leak covers most of the image. You only see such leaks when the subject is very dark but there is strong ambient light.

In this case the slide being digitised was several stops underexposed, because of a meter failure in the camera (Minox 35).

The example leak that I showed was fixed with a bit of black paper stuck to the inside of the adapter, where light was leaking through the lens catch.

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