Thom finally resurfaces, with comments sure to be controversial, at least here ...

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Re: Thom finally resurfaces, with comments sure to be controversial, at least here ...

Daniel Lauring wrote:

I mostly agree with him. If you don't nab the focus it doesn't matter how much inherent IQ the camera has. However, I don't shoot as much moving objects so still capture is more important to me. I find with still photography, mirrorless CDAF yields more control and precise focus than SLR PDAF. I get more perfect shots than I ever did with my Nikon D800. Really got tired of fine tuning every lens (with the D800) then finding the focus changed in different light.

It was telling that the article was written in response to a BIF shooting expedition in the Galapagos. He was doing stress testing for action shooting.

The focus advantage of CDAF on still subjects is one reason I enjoy Fuji more for still subjects. Granted there are probably all sorts of things I could learn how to do better on a DSLR and before everyone says it, I'll just agree that it is probably all my fault and I suck, but at the end of the day, I just find it easier to nail focus reliably on a CDAF camera with a still subject. And even more reliable than CDAF is manual focus. It just makes photography more enjoyable for me to get reliable, predictable results.

Because the gap between CDAF and PDAF for action shooting has always been much larger, that's the gap that commands everyone's attention. The much smaller CDAF/PDAF gap for still subjects is totally microaggressive, it's invisible yet it's there, and because it's so small, it makes you think it's your own fault.

If you've experienced symptoms of autofocus depression, such as self-loathing, shame, wondering why everyone seems to have better technique, guilt, psychologist visits, a psychotropic drug addiction, you too may want to join the Fuji 12 step program.

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