NEX 7 vs A6000

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Re: NEX 7 vs A6000

Let us take that seriously and we can draw following conclusions:
1- No new FE body besides a7/7r.
2- a6000 replaces NEX-7
3- NEX-5T and NEX-6 not yet replaced.
4- NEX-3N not replaced
5- a3000 not to be replaced

How many of these you agree with?

1) a7S model is coming this year, so far
2) a6000 likely replaces both nex-6 and nex-7
3) Nex-5T and Nex3N have both been effectively replaced by the a5000 (but a5000 has no way to add an evf at all)
4) 3N was replaced a5000 per Sony
5) a3000 is to be replaced by a3500 (confirmed, see Australia where it on sale)

Which demonstrates that one should not rely on that slide posted on SAR as a predictor or accuracy of the lineup even at the time it was presented (see a5000 appearing not as a replacement to anything, for example).

I am not sure why anybody would expect Sony to launch every model (and new) within a span of six months or even "confirm" that nothing new will be launched for next six months. That a6000 is being presented as a NEX-7 replacement is only "don't worry about it" statement, when in reality it has replaced NEX-5T and NEX-6, and in only some ways, the NEX-7.

I won't assume that Sony is done with APSc body launch until January 2015. There is a key marketing season: October launch, right before the holidays.

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