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Johannes Zander wrote:

The Smoking Camera wrote:

So with the V3 about to be released I took a quick look at specs to see if an upgrade is worthwhile. From what I can see the V3 improves the following over the V1:

18 vs 10mp.

10mp is enough for me and most Pictures are posted on the Internet anyway, when I need more I use my D800.

No optical low pass filter.

Does that realy matter much?

Yes. No optical "low pass" filter (anti-aliasing filter) is HUGE. Have you seen the difference between the D800 and D800e? It is significant . . . like a 30% increase in megapixels. It makes the 18 megapixel sensor perform like a 24 megapixel sensor would, but without the added noise.

Increased number of AF points.

Thats a point

20 vs 10fps with AF-C.

10fps is fast enough for me

Maybe for you, but I'd love to be able to chose between four photos of the football player running down the field, about to get a touch down, rather than just two. (Then there are the photos of birds in flight, bees taking off from a flower, etc.)

Maximum iso increased to 12,800 from 6400.

Well, all depends on the output. Most of the times I am on Auto up to 800iso with my V1

I would imagine the higher ISO will be mostly an improvement useful for video shooters and paparazzi.

Built in wifi and remote capability.

For me not needed

For some people this is a reason to buy the camera . . . or a dozen of these cameras.

Improved video.

For casual use V1 Video is good.

Some professional videographers will use the V3 for shooting videos, because they can buy them cheap and carry a lot of them in one bag. And if I'm not mistaken these little cameras perform like a Canon 70 D, but with a much more compact size and the ability to shoot 18 megapixel stills at 60 frames per second. Oh . . . and they give you the ability to shoot stuff WAY far away, with little, compact lenses. For some video shooters that is a HUGE benefit.

PSAM mode dial.

Most of the time I am in A mode, learned to live without it.

I bet you could learn to live with just a point and shoot camera.

Programmable function buttons.

Tahts a point

Built in flash.

Well, I rather have a build in EVF.

Me too . . . but the new, removable EVF is higher resolution, and if it stops working you can easily replace it. There is something to be said for modular systems.

Vari-angle LCD screen.

Some Need it, I don't

That is the key - some NEED it. That is a reason why many people will make a decision to try a Nikon 1 camera . . . finally.

These are all nice improvements but worth the $$. I don't know. And unfortunately, no indication low light performance has improved in any significant way. Time to wait for some hands-on reviews.

The Major improvements in the V3 I wished for were CLS, all focus Points usable with FT1 Adapter.

The big minus is no build in EVF. Another battery and mini SD cards

What do you mean by mini SD cards? Doesn't the V3 take SD cards? I haven't heard they have switched to mini SD. That is an obsolete format! Why the hell would they switch from SD to mini SD? They should have gone all the way to micro SD! WTF?!?!?!

Nikon changed to microSD cards in both the V3 and J4.

I think the new Samsung 1" sensor cam is also using microSD.

I think this is a mistake.

I hope the rumored P8000 uses SD cards.

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