Sony a7 very strange issue...

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Re: If it is a light leak...

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I see folks suggesting a light leak, and that's possible too. If it's a light leak in your lens adapter, the reason it would be showing only with the ND filter is simply that without the ND filter, the leak isn't bright enough to show over the image -- but it would really always be there. Test for this by trying a shot with a lens cap on. If it's a light leak, you'll get an image of the leak by itself with an opaque lens cap on....

Of course, the reason you might not see a light leak with the camera rotated would be that the leak is blocked by you hand, a shift in the play in the adapter, etc.

I guess you're right. I tried to cover the lens with a scarf and the leak was gone... so it has to be the fotodiox adapter or the famous sony's leak issue


Light leaks are white, not black.

Besides, "light leaks" are the unicorns of the A7 series. Everybody talks about them, but the only ones who've seen them have made them.

Well stated!

True, but white+image = light fog.

The leak would be spraying over most of the frame in this case, leaving only the left edge unfogged.

Do the lenscap test to confirm.

PS: I fully agree with Mel that light leaks are incredibly rare -- I've never seen one. However, I can certainly imagine that a few folks get defective adapters with a missing or shiny baffle or somesuch. For example, any adapter with an open/close ring has an obvious potential light leak path....

Hi, Hank...

I thing it's a shutter hanging at one point in its travel. It's dark, so likely a shadow of something close to the sensor. It's there only at slow speeds when he uses the ND filter. It's not there at high speeds when he shoots without it. And I never considered gravity important with shutters, but I have a very nice black Nikon FM that can't be fired unless I slap its baseplate against my palm.

Shutters "stick" at different speeds because of reasons I don't need to explain to an engineering professor!

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