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Re: Have you used RawDigger to really delve deeply into your RAWS?

JoEick wrote:
TO be honest though. I don't use the RGB Histogram much anyway. After 30,000+ shots with the 6D I just know when the image is properly exposed. The highlight alert also tends to work great so I know where exactly the over-exposure is happening.

Tried RawDigger?

I'm curious how you came to feel you know your 6d well enough to not use the histogram. I infer you mostly use the highlight alert blinkies?

My speculation is that you may bring your images into ACR / LR, and see whether the highlights-to-be-preserved need excessive tweaking with the ProcessVersion-2012 Highlights and/or Whites sliders. That's what I used to do.

You may or may not have used the RawDigger utility to really see what the 16-bit values in the sensor are. I can't really tell what is blown and not blown with ACR / LR, as so much is going on behind your back, even with a flat tone-curve and zero'ed sliders.

RawDigger used to be free when it was beta (for years). I used it quite a bit when I was wrestling with UniWhiteBalance. It trial-ware now, with 30 day trial. For me, there was a significant learning curve, as it is a complicated program.

My speculation is that with RawDigger, you'll find out some things about your 6d you didn't realize before. You may find out you have some misconceptions. You may be blowing some highlights you didn't realize was happening. Or using less of the top range of the sensor than would be optimal. Or doing more HDR than you need to.

Or not?

TMI? tl/dr?

With my 5d2, a value of 14737 meant the pixels with that value were blown. A value of 14500+ and less than 14737 indicated a very bright, non-blown highlight.  I don't recall if each of the 4 channels (RGBG) had the same value indicating blown highlight.

Unless you intended to allow some blown spectral highlights, a RAW file with nothing over 14,500 meant that you had "nailed" ETTR, and noise will probably be minimized, and tonal range maximized. I was surprised how much difference a minor amount of underexposure made.

Actually, it's more complicated than that, as one or two channels can be blown, but still recoverable. I find it very impressive that MagicLantern's Auto-ETTR has options to factor that in. It's almost like ML's Auto-ETTR can be tuned to work well with ProcessVersion-2012.

The T3i/600d has a different, lower value that indicates blown highlights with RawDigger. My impression is that each camera of the same model might be different as far as what is blown. I think the ML dev-team is working to optimized this for a specific camera, rather than the generic, least-common-denominator settings from Canon.

With MagicLantern's RAW histogram and RAW blinkies, I find RawDigger less valuable. I haven't started the 30 day trial, so I haven't checked the 6d. I also want to get to know my S110 with RAW better. I use the CHDK firmware on it, but that doesn't implement RAW histograms or RAW blinkies.

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