Renting FX camera as a trial run: D4s vs D800E vs Df?

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Re: Renting FX camera as a trial run: D4s vs D800E vs Df?

How serious are you about your photos? What do you plan to do with them?

In some ways it sounds like your primary objective is just to try a high-end, FX body. Period.

If that's so, the D4s is at the top of the heap. It'll have the absolute best AF, FPS and low-light performance overall.

It is worth $100 more than the others?

How badly do you want to experience that level of performance?

I don't have a D4s -- or even a D4. I do have a D800 and a Df.

My view is that the Df is superior in really low light, but that any time you go to high ISO you notice that while colors are preserved especially well, the detail at 100 percent zoom is very, very smeared. And I don't just mean ISO 10,000!

D800, on the other hand, develops purple splotches in the shadows once you go up much about ISO 3200. If your venue can support ISOs not much higher than that, you can probably get better results than with a Df.

Since the sensor of the D4s is supposed to be somewhere close to the Df's, I'm guessing they'd share the same noise characteristics -- and some of the sample photos from the Olympics I saw suggest this is the case, but I can't attest to it by first-hand experience.

My gut feeling is, unless you're used to heavy bodies and all the features and control on the pro bodies, that you should stick with a Df for this time and see how it goes. I doubt you'll be dissatisfied with it, even though it isn't the be all and end all of cameras.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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