NEX 7 vs A6000

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Sony says the A6000 is the NEX 7 replacement. At a cheaper price they made the NEX-7 obsolete. I was at the Sony store the other day and there was no NEX-7's in sight.

I shouldn't repeat myself, but just because Sony says the a6k is the NEX7 replacement, many or most of us NEX7 users know differently. Don't get me wrong, the a6k is a fine camera and a great value. But again, a lot of NEX7 users don't want the EVF, fiber body, lack of Tri-Navi, etc. less than what we now have. We're waiting for Sony to make its next move in our direction whatever name they want to call the actual 7 replacement. But we are waiting for a fairly priced camera in relation to how Sony priced the a6k, but to include the costs of a full quality renovation.

Do any current NEX-7 users agree with me, or have you just bit the a6k bullet?

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I definitely agree with what you say. I was on the fence too, but why should I take a hit when selling my N7?. To me, the A6K is basically a lateral move and not worth it to me. I bought mine 8 months after release and really don't want to take a 50% cut. For a 2nd body, no doubt the A6k is a good buy. I'd buy that versus spending the $1,200 that the N7 was initially going for.

I'm sure we will see more professional reviews, but from what I've seen so far, I'm not "blown" away by any aspect of it. I still can't get a handle on the AF. Some say it's incredible and others say it's fast but not accurate. I do like the low light performance I've seen but that's not enough to pull me away from the N7. I'll wait for the "true" replacement next year.

These are just my opinions. Just like what the OP stated as his. No reason for everyone to get so wound up about it. If you like your A6k better or not, who cares.

I bought my A6000 today, for now I can say: don't sell N-7 to replace it with A6000.

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