Is this the best I can expect from D800?

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Re: Is this the best I can expect from D800?

LesGoodey wrote:

Hello, I have been a professional photographer since 1974 working in the Commercial, Military and Education areas. I use Phase medium format equipment in my day job and Canon 5D and 5D11 personally. I recently bought a Nikon D800 with a Tamron SP 24-70 f2.8 for myself and after hundreds of shots I have yet to find a single one that I am happy with!

I have scoured the internet looking for information on achieving sharp images and downloaded as many real world samples as I can find and I have to say I don't think those are any better.

I am talking about hand held shots inparticular and although I'm getting on a bit I don't think I shake that much.

I notice that most recommendations are for higher ISO and shutter speeds than you might otherwise have used.

Here is a full size out of the camera jpeg for your comments:

Nikon D800 Tamron SP24-70 f2.8 - 400th sec at f8 - 250 ISO

The Tamron is a good lens but it's not getting the most out of the D800. Also Nikon doesn't go out of their way to make sure all third party lenses focus exactly. Though this picture seems to be on but any slight difference could make it appear less sharp. Photozone tests show the Tamron on a D3x is a good lens but not a great one. There are probably not very many lenses yet that fully exploits the 36mp sensor. You should also note you are used to using medium format and may be subconsciously expecting the same results. The answer to your question is 'No'. This isn't the best you should expect out of the D800.

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