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Re: (1) way too expensive, (2) poor sensor

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So yes, the "1" series offers wonderful autofocus, and solid AF in video. At the expense of image quality even when compared to other 1" sensor cameras.

i mistakenly thought the same thing. the real question people ought to ask, is any difference in IQ detectable? if so by whom, and/or is margin able differences in IQ correctable by someone who's PP skills is better than their photography skills? it's already better than most 35mm film available that was available in the silver age.

The IQ difference is probably not easily detectable up to ISO 800. Above that, it clearly is.

And for a huge price premium.

advantages in size, weight, and speed always command a premium. if these attributes don't benefit you, buy the clunker that's best for you.

So the market for the "1" is: people who mostly only shoot fast action (they will often be pros), but don't care much about the best image quality (but pros want that), and are happy to pay a large price premium. Sounds like a very, very narrow niche to me.

bird and wildlife photographers are often hobbyists. they care about quality, and so "good enough" is better than missing the boat entirely. the 1" is about convenience, and "good enough". if you're looking for perfection, try shooting 8"x10" film.

There are no size/weight advantages over Micro 4/3 - the ONLY advantages are burst speed and continuous tracking AF. The types of photography that really benefit from that are very small, specialized niches. A serious gear freak like myself might buy it as a 2nd system just for shooting birds, wildlife, and action sports, but even I am only buying the stuff once it hits fire sale prices. And for everything else, Micro 4/3 is my main system. If I could only pick one of these systems, it would clearly NOT be Nikon 1. And frankly, the only reason I bought in at all was the announcement of the 70-300mm lens, an optic I can't match in terms of quality and performance in Micro 4/3. And how many folks are going to but that $1000 lens? Certainly not casual soccer moms, who are the supposed target of this system.

There IS a small advantage in the size difference between the m4/3 system cameras and lenses vs. the Nikon 1 system cameras and lenses. I could go get the info. for you, but you need to do that for yourself. I'll give you just one example though:

Nikon 1 system lens: Nikon 10-30mm f3.5-5.6 VR = 85 grams

m4/3 system lens: Panasonic 14-42mm f3.5-5.6 O.I.S. = 165 grams

The sizes and weights of the Nikon 1 camera bodies are much smaller than the m4/3 system bodies too. The Nikon 1 system prices and speed of shooting are also worthwhile advantages too. The m4/3 system is great, but for someone entering the world of photography or someone with a Nikon DSLR sytem . . . the Nikon 1 system just makes good sense.

Here is a camera that will sell like crazy to "soccer moms" and other moms (and husbands who will be buying cameras for their wives):


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