Renting FX camera as a trial run: D4s vs D800E vs Df?

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Re: Renting FX camera as a trial run: D4s vs D800E vs Df?

jfriend00 wrote:

You asked about performance per $$$. That depends entirely how much various performance characteristics are worth to you. Only you can answer that.

D4s - best low light performance, best AF, high fps, built-in grip, most $$$, most weight

D800 - very good AF, low fps, medium $$$

Df - best low light performance, moderate AF, have to adapt your style to unique controls (might be a challenge for a short rental), medium $$$

D610 - moderate AF, moderate fps, lowest $$$

As for high ISO ratings, all the latest generation Nikon FX cameras are pretty close in performance when you look at the overall image quality. Here are the DXOMark high ISO ratings:

Df - 3279

D4s - 3074

D610 - 2925

D800 - 2853

D5200 - 1284

So, as you can see all four FX cameras are around 1.5 stops better than the 5200 with not a huge large difference among the different FX choices. So, any FX camera will probably work equally well for high ISO performance.

If you want the large body, the hands-down best AF, or fast fps and are willing to pay for it, then the D4s is your only choice.

If you like the 36MP image size or you want the best AF that isn't the D4s, then the D800 is your choice.

Between the Df and D610, I'd say it's really a matter of which control style you want. The two have the same lesser AF than the other FX options. If it were me, I'd be concerned about renting a camera I was not familiar with the control style because you don't have a lot of time to get familiar with it and presumably you will sometimes need to operate the controls without a lot of light. Low light AF might also be an issue. If you want to save money and have familiar controls, the D610 will give you excellent low light performance for the least expensive rental.

OP only asked between three choices; not four.

"Re: Renting FX camera as a trial run: D4s vs D800E vs Df?"

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