Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

Started Apr 14, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Nikon owners defend DSLR

Kim Letkeman wrote:

I have no idea why you would compare it against 11 year old technology, even if it does have a much larger sensor. Try comparing it against something that costs about the same ... that would be a D3200 ... let me know how it does

With the crap lens that was on the D100, I doubt the D3200 would beat the X10. What lens was that? Bokeh is awful and I think sharpness might be poor also. Maybe the lens collected too much dust while it was sitting in a cupboard.

P.S. The Nikon lens in the 18mm shot isn't as bad as the lens (same?) in the 78mm short. Can't tell from EXIF what lens(es).

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