Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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Re: Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

GXRuser wrote:

I got a good deal on my V2 twin lens direct from Japan about a year ago, but your deal sounds excellent. There is not much wrong with the V2.

There are basically three issues with the V2 and three with the all of the 1Nikon cameras. All are not deal breakers (full disclosure, I use two V2 bodies...)


1) No IR port on back for easy use of the IR release when camera is on tripod from the camera rear.

2) No Inravolometer.

3) Does not use same battery as V1.

1 Nikon:

4) No "Shoot without Lens" option to allow metering for use with lenses and optics other than Nikon F mount with the FT1 adapter. This also affects non-chipped lenses in that there is no in viewfinder focus confirmation.

5) No focus peaking as a manual focus aid.

6) Only the 32mm f1.2 lens has a focus ring.

With AF and the native 1nikkor lenses, this is a superb system.

As far as the issues listed above are concerned,  #1 and 2 are very minor, and since I also have a V1, I'd use it if I needed an intervalometer - but I agree that it was a silly feature to get rid of in what was the top-of-the-line camera.   #3 is unfortunate, but easily worked around at minor inconvenience.

#4 is the one that really makes me mad - But I can work around it for an extra $50 per adapter by buying the 3rd party chipped adapters from Russia.  I intend to buy one for Canon FD glass, and one for Nikon F-mount glass (although I might just get the FT1 instead of the latter).

#5 is solved the same way #4 is, as there IS a good manual focus aid, if one has a chip.

As for #6. I have no intention of using any of the native lenses in any application where I'll be using manual focus - I only bought the system because of it's autofocus when shooting action and birds, so it's not a manual focus system for me.

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