Here is a Canon 6D Guide for Landscapes. :)

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Re: Thank you. But one question

Wayne Larmon wrote:

JoEick wrote:

Wayne Larmon wrote:

i.e., the contrast, sharpening and saturation settings do not affect the data that is saved in the raw file at all, but they do affect the accuracy of the histogram (and the appearance of the image that is displayed on the LCD. But the image on the LCD doesn't reflect what is in the RAW data.)

This was described in an article on Luminous Landscape. But it isn't clear if you are shooting RAW or if you are shooting JPG. Or if you were writing about the same thing that that the LL article is talking about.

Other than this quibble, great job.


Yes, correct. Sharpening and saturation do alter the accuracy of the histogram to a degree. I should make it clear in my guide that turning up sharpness and saturation are worthwhile tradeoffs for RGB accuracy. Adding sharpness helps with live view focusing and adding saturation helps predict where the colors will be pushed in the landscape post processing. Either way both may give a little buffer in the highlights to prevent clipping.

Good points. I don't think that the LL article was written with focusing with live view in mind. This covers sharpening, but I'm not sure about your rationale about increasing saturation. Increasing saturation makes the histogram be less accurate. I've never worried about pushing colors in PP until I'm actually doing PP. The Canon JPEG engine (that you see on the camera LCD when changing saturation in picture styles) may not reflect how the Adobe raw conversion engine (Lightroom, ACR) handles colors. Especially if you use different DNG profiles.

But your method may be valid with the caveat they it might be worth having different picture styles: one tuned for maximum histogram accuracy and a 2nd tuned to help previsualization, with the recommendation to switch between them, depending.

And, sigh, Magic Lantern would (presumably) solve this problem neatly, if only it was supported on the 6D. (See adjacent posts.)


I updated the guide to be more specific about sharpening and saturation.
Thanks for helping with pointing out the issue.

TO be honest though. I don't use the RGB Histogram much anyway. After 30,000+ shots with the 6D I just know when the image is properly exposed. The highlight alert also tends to work great so I know where exactly the over-exposure is happening.

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