X-E1 and X-E2 for Wedding photography

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Re: X-E1 and X-E2 for Wedding photography

I have the X-E1. I haven't shot a wedding with it yet, but I regularly shoot portraits and events so the experience will be similar.  I would not rely on my X-E1 solely for a wedding job.

If the situation is controlled and sufficiently lit for the AF (i.e.. posed formal shots), I would not hesitate to use it. However, for quick grab shots, especially in low light (i.e. couple walking down the aisle), I know I will miss shots.  The AF on the Fuji tends to hunt and I have missed shots and got too many out-of-focus shots because of this.

Another issue is that the flash system with the Fuji is quite incomplete compared to my Nikon. The Nikon is more more advanced AND better balanced to hold. I tried using the X-E1 with a flash bracket… it is an unpleasant experience.

In a studio with Pocket Wizards controlling the strobes, the Fuji is actually quite nice to use.  It's basically in "Live View" mode all the time, and much better at it than Nikon.

Because Nikon is my main system, my backup camera is also Nikon.  This way I can use the same lenses and accessories during the event.  If I had to use the Fuji as my backup or 2nd camera, that would mean that have to carry  2 full systems with me.

I haven't had the pleasure of using the X-T1 yet, but it may address some of the problems with the AF I've been having.  The flash system is still a issue that Fuji needs to develop.

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