North American Kitty Cats (10 photo)

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Re: North American Kitty Cats (10 photo)

Jim Beverlin wrote:

Excellent series Mike. The Lynx is a beautiful cat. I saw and photographed one at Northwest Trek Wild Life Preserve out in Washington back in 2011. They seem to be content with captivity. Cougars are another story. At Northwest Trek they have had two who have managed to climb a rather high fence and escape. They had one at Northwest Trek and it just paced and tried to run in the limited area it was housed in. The Michigan DNR has as of 2012, acknowledged that cougars do exist in the upper peninsula thanks to an excellent trail cam shot taken near Marquette. Unfortunately a group of hunters shot and killed a cougar outside of Manistique late last year. They claimed it was self defense bur cougars rarely attack people and are very reclusive

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Interesting stuff Jim, Yes many animals don't care to get into a tangle with people and would rather just move to another area when people show up.

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