African Kitty Cats (8 photos)

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Re: African Kitty Cats (8 photos)

Jim Beverlin wrote:

Again, another excellent series. The lions seem content while the cheetah likes to run being the fastest mammal on Earth. Cheetahs are also probably the most docile of the wild cats with attacks on humans pretty rare. Unfortunately the cheetah population is in decline. Hopefully the one in your images has the room to run.

Yes the cheetah does have a large enclosure however they really need to put in live food for it to catch so it has reason to run, maybe a bunny rabbit, I know horrible for the bunny but some animals need to eat

I have always had a cat/cats since I was six (6) years old and have always enjoyed their company. Really appreciate your posting this group along with the N. American group.

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Thanks Jim

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