Here is a Canon 6D Guide for Landscapes. :)

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Re: Running Magic Latern on 6D?

Wayne Larmon wrote:
The 6D isn't supported in the official ML stable release.

Well, yes and no.

  • Agree, the 6d was not part of the "Stable Release" back in July, 2012
  • The ML Developers have gotten away from the concept of "Stable Releases", and gone to "Rolling Releases" as "Nightly Builds".
  • IMO, there have been an incredible number of capabilities released since the "Stable Release" of almost 2 years ago.
  • Personally, I would prefer that the ML team have "Stable Releases", perhaps every six months or so, but that isn't how they decided to proceed.
  • The 6d version started off as a project by a very talented developer. For a while, it was semi-independent of the ML "official main trunk".
  • Starting in late 2013, the ML team has been integrating the 6d version back into the "official main trunk".
  • I've found ML to be stable on my 5d2, T3i/600d, and 6d. There is a sub-forum where people with stability problems submit their requests for assistance.
  • The install procedure for the 6d used to be rather "lumpy", as it involved "back-tracking" from firmware 1.1.3 to firmware 1.1.2, installing the variant of ML, then upgrading back to 1.1.3. I don't know if that is still the case.
  • Overall, I consider myself a rather "risk adverse" person regarding my DLSR's. However, I find there is so much "valued added" by ML to justify what I consider to be a small risk.
  • Here's an "Install Guide" for the 6d:
  • I wish I could tell you that ML was as stable as firmware from Canon, but that isn't the case. It really is "bleeding edge" stuff, and not for the faint-hearted.
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