Hand strap real????

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Re: Hand strap real????

I had an AH-4 when I was looking for a new strap. The shoulder/neck straps I found inconvenient and at times I wanted to just carry my camera in my hand. Wrapping the strap around my wrist didn't hack it because it kept unwrapping and falling off, even when I put a twist in it.

So I tried an AH-4. It had some nice features, like being able to let go of the camera and have it dangle on your wrist without falling. You could use that hand for something else, although the attached camera did get in the way.

I finally gave up on it because it was designed only for portrait orientation. I had a D3 with the built in vertical grip and I used that grip a lot. But I couldn't reach the grip with the wrist strap. Moreover, I had trouble reaching the multi-selector when the wrist strap was tight. Even when it was loose it was a struggle to reach it. And when loosened enough to reach it easily, it wasn't secure.

Eventually I gave up looking for a strap. I use the camera without one. I hold it in my right hand. When I need my right hand for something else, I stick the lens in the crook of my left elbow and just hold the camera there. Works for me. I've never dropped it using this technique. I do not do any street shooting, or carry the camera in areas that might be a problem. Primarily event shooting and documentation at work.

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