Very simple D3 questions

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Agree with chlamchowder

chlamchowder wrote:

Douglas K Fejer wrote:

1.How long can I expect my D3 to last. It currently has 130,000 clicks.

A very long time. It's rated to 300,000 clicks, and camera shutters often last well past what they're rated to take. Even if it does blow, it shouldn't cost that much to replace the shutter.

I have two D3 bodies, one is at 314000 images, the other is at 141000, and both are working just fine

The rating for 300000 can be interpreted as "this is the least you should expect unless something was wrong with the shutter from the start or something bad has happened to the camera". Or in other words, a majority of the cameras will meet or exceed this number.

I have seen plenty of cameras going long, long past their ratings. Like a poor old Eos 350 (cheap consumer camera with a unrated shutter/mirror) who chugged along for over 250000 clicks before it packed in. And I have seen several D3, D3s, and various Canon Eos 1D bodies well over 500000 clicks and still going.

And, replacing a shutter/mirror mechanism is not that expensive.

2. I just noticed my firmware is old. I upgraded it. Will I notice a difference with the new 80-400 vr? I was going to send the camera in for service after this weekend because the images just seem to be a little off.

Probably not? What do you mean when you say the images seem a "little off"?

If they're consistently back or front focused, you might want to look into AF fine tuning.

3. What exactly does Nikon do if I send the camera in for cleaning, etc. If I think the focusing is off, will they do anything to correct it?

Maybe if you send the lens in with the camera and say there's a problem (and you're specific about what that problem is), they might try adjusting it. But why not try fine tuning it yourself and seeing if that fixes the problem?

I recommend to send in camera + your AF-S lenses (like the 80-400) and ask them (aside from cleaning) to check focus. Then they will adjust potential consistent focus errors which mean you will get consistent behaviour across your lenses.

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