Here is a Canon 6D Guide for Landscapes. :)

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Running Magic Latern on 6D?

l_d_allan wrote:

Wayne Larmon wrote:
One drawback of the RGB Histogram is that the graphs are calculated based on the JPG image and not the actual RAW file itself.

Thanks for the 6d guide. After a brief scan, it looks promising for improving my photography.

I'm an advocate of MagicLantern, and wonder if you have experience with it. I didn't see any mention of it in the Guide, but perhaps I didn't look closely enough.

  • Auto-ETTR that is very flexible and can be "tuned" for scene contrast
  • Histogram and blinkies based on RAW. Big improvement over UniWB and Picture Styles.


I'm going to stop quoting with this snip. ML on a 6D would solve a lot of problems, including the histogram-based-on-JPEG problem, except for one larger problem. The 6D isn't supported in the official ML stable release.  Look at

The 6D is not of the list.

But if you know how to safely install and run ML on a 6D, then could you write up a web page describing the process?   Or at least write a detailed post?

I like the concept of ML, but I am leery about installing it on my 6D because it isn't officially supported.


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