Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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Some further impressions....

So I went out at night with the slow kit lens (F3.5/F5.6).

Auto Focus in lower light

Once you hit a certain intensity, PDAF goes bye bye and it's contrast AF.  The AF speed seems about and maybe just a notch faster than the Q7 but not by super much.  IT seems to me the Ricoh GR focuses as fast in this condition if not a notch faster.


The image quality seems to me it strikes the "good enough" for what I would like to use it. It's a step up from the Q7 overall, though in some shots it's just to some degree surprising how close or "in the same direction" the Q7 can go.

But not quite the fair comparison in some ways with that kit lens .


Tried the EVF briefly.  It's a high quality detail and refresh (and I have seen the XT1, XE2, XE1, EM1, Sony A7, GX7 so I have a bit of a reference).  IT's actually pretty nice on that end.

The build- though I was a bit enthusiastic on it being removable because it felt like part of the camera, attaching/detaching it feels like something that "Do it enough times and something may start to wear a bit."  Don't know.. when taking it off it seemed I had to be careful.

But as far as EVF goes, it's a high quality EVF


The Grip is nice but two Nikon snafus:

- The tripod socket shifts, and now is misaligned.  Ironic- this must be the only external grip that makes the camera have a misaligned socket though I can see why it's that way- since the camera centered socket is used to attach the grip

- You have to remove a little rubber cover underneath the camera and a plastic protector on the connector of the grip- not too much of a fan of that. I wonder if that litter rubber cover will wear and need replacement

- You need to remove the grip to change the batteries (WTH Nikon!)

While the grip does add a nice.. well..extra grip to the camera, for some reason it didn't feel as solid or as "built in" once attached to the camera as I was expecting but it's not too bad.  Just having dials and buttons now unused on the camera as the grip takes over feels a bit weird.

Creative modes/dial UI

These seem kind of nice but since Nikon does not have a built in RAW converter, it makes it harder to experiment like I do on the Q or Ricoh GR.  I still do not understand how a company like Nikon (or Sony or Canon) can miss on this.  I use this on the Ricoh GR and Q all the time- if only to play with the raw file and get some ideas of what I may do later with it.

Operational speed

Most of the time the camera is fast but some operations seem just a notch laggy- like menu traversal, and if you are in the menu to go back to shoot there's a bit of a delay - it's short but other cameras like the Ricoh GR it's pretty instant.

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