Here is a Canon 6D Guide for Landscapes. :)

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Re: Any evaluation of MagicLantern?

Wayne Larmon wrote:
One drawback of the RGB Histogram is that the graphs are calculated based on the JPG image and not the actual RAW file itself.

Thanks for the 6d guide. After a brief scan, it looks promising for improving my photography.

I'm an advocate of MagicLantern, and wonder if you have experience with it. I didn't see any mention of it in the Guide, but perhaps I didn't look closely enough.

  • Auto-ETTR that is very flexible and can be "tuned" for scene contrast
  • Histogram and blinkies based on RAW. Big improvement over UniWB and Picture Styles.
  • Auto Dot-Tune AF-MicroAdjust
  • Dual-ISO provides about 2.5 f-stops DR with some loss in resolution. Super for panos. It's greatly reduced my use of HDR.
  • Somewhat more flexible HDR bracketing.
  • Improved Bulb for night photography. Flexible self-timer and much longer exposures.
  • Reasonably flexible intervalometer, including day to dusk to night to dawn compensations.
  • Star trails and night time-lapse are a facilitated with Bulb and intervalometer.
  • Focus aids like zebras
  • much for video and audio that I'm ignorant about
  • much more that I haven't delved into yet
  • TMI? The Dev-Team are working on tweaking the CMOS/ADTG/Digic circuitry to fine-tune parameters, with potential for "free" increase of about 0.5 DR. My impression is Canon uses least-common-denominator params, and fine-tuning for an individual camera can be like "blue-printing" a race engine.
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