Thom finally resurfaces, with comments sure to be controversial, at least here ...

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photoreddi wrote:

Actually, there are many complaints about Nikon's DSLR AF. The substantial improvements of mirrorless AF is clear writing on the wall, and Nikon's Live View has only improved from pathetic to poor. It's now accurate in some of the latest bodies but painfully slow. So the choice is relatively fast PDAF, with frame rates limited by the mirror, but with poorer AF accuracy compared to LiveView, even if AF fine tune is optimized, which is only optimal for a particular lens at one focal length, one camera-to-subject distance, and one aperture due to focus shift at different apertures.

I'm not saying that there isn't any demand for AF improvements in the DSLR market. I'm only saying that I don't believe that the demand for AF improvements outweighs the demand for sensor improvements to the extent that Thom seems to think. I believe that many of the current cameras out there today still have demand for improved sensors as well as AF. Would Canon users take a 36mp Sony sensor with incremental AF improvements over the same Canon sensor with significant AF improvements?  I think many would.  And the same might apply to the X-T1, E-M1, Nikon 1, Sony A77, etc.

Thom has a valid point for the users that push the limits of any AF system today.  For the rest of us (which I believe is the majority) AF improvements are needed to get mirrorless systems on par with DSLRs. And yes I think you could look at it from the DSLR perspective and say that AF improvements are needed in the DSLR segment to get live view and accuracy on par with mirrorless. But Thom didn't really say that these were the kind of improvements that were needed to get new customers.  He said "Speed and accuracy of focus, especially for moving subjects".  I believe that for the majority of users (including many of those that would be using the cameras that Thom referenced in his article) these improvements are needed in mirrorless cameras and not so much with DSLRs.

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