Protective filter… or not? I say beware of filter quality.

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Re: Protective filter… or not? I say beware of filter quality.

cplunk wrote:

tqlla wrote:

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tqlla wrote:

If you are spending $50, you might as well go all out.

I bought my Sony Zeiss 77CPAM for $66

My research suggested that the top-end Hoyas are actually better that those filters. did some tests, I think this is the article:

Also, Hoya has a wide range of options, depending on whether you just want a glass protector (i.e., little to no actual filtration) or you want something like a UV filter.

Hmmm, I think you have the wrong article.

Here is a test of 4 filters including the Zeiss UV filter and Hoya Pro1D UV filter

You can see one clearly outclasses the others in the UV filtration test.

Interesting test, VERY interesting results.

But, I don't think anyone is actively trying to filter UV on this discussion, just using the filters to protect the glass on there lens with as little side effect as possible. Of course, one might assume that the company doing the best job at making the filter effective may have the best overall filter.

I'm being lazy to not just search for this myself, but I am pretty sure I have read multiple times that there is no reason to filter out UV rays and that the ONLY reason people use UV filters is for the supposed protection.

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